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WinFiber High Speed Internet

We started as a cableTV provider in Tanzania years ego with a good coverage in City center and Upanga Areas. Today Wincable is providing internet along with the CableTV services to our customer . We have fiber coverage in CityCenter , Upanga and Kariakoo adn we are extending our services..

Why WinFiber

Value for Money High Speed Internet

We Promise our customers high speed internet with high Uptime

Affordable High Speed Internet

We have more than 20KM fiber laid around CityCenter , Upanga and Kariakoo areas. We have diffrent packages suits diffrent purpose . We have special package for Home Internet users.

24 X 7 Customer Care and NOC

Our Suport and NOC are reachable 24 X 7 This helps us to fix the probelms quick and provide our cusotmers high uptime..

Quick Installation

New installations will be processed the same day to ensure you have services online ASAP

Free Installation

we give free installation... there is no installation charges . when you pay 3 months advance payment , you dont need to pay for the equipment ..


Affordable CableTV Services

we provide more than 200 SD and HD channels to our customers

Coverage Area

Wincable services are available in CityCenter, Upanga, Kariakoo and Masaki Areas. We are expanding our services to areas as well. send queries to support@winfiber.co.tz


Wincable Deliver more than 200 TV channels in SD and HD formats..

24 X 7 Support and NOC

Our NOC and support works 24 X 7. This helps to keep our service ptime high.

Quick INstallation

We process the installation requests the same day to ensure the service come active on the same day.

Pay for three months and get installation and equipment free of charges

* Terms and conditions apply..*

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